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      1、地板漆施工完畢后需養護7-10天后方可投入使用,在養護期間,應避免水或其它溶液浸潤表面 2、凡進入車間員工必須要換成膠底鞋(不可以穿泡沫底的黑底鞋)(以免將外面的泥沙帶入車間而劃傷地面) 3、凡是硬件:如鐵椅、鐵桌、鐵貨架等,須將其腳用軟質塑料、橡膠包裹或用紙皮墊起來以免在使用過程中劃傷地面 4、拖拉機扳需充分將機板升離地面,轉彎時請特別注意機板角切勿刮傷地面 5、清潔地面時請用軟質吸水性好的拖把或干濕兩用吸塵器,可用清水或清潔劑清洗,但請注意地面濕滑 6、若因使用時間較長而造成磨損或刮花、小面積可進行局部修補,若面積較大則建議重新滾涂一次 7、 設備進廠前,在保定環氧地坪上鋪上硬紙箱墊底,以免在運輸設備過程中刮傷地面 8、 推車,板車之車輪請用硬質或彈性膠輪,并廠房內外分開使用 9、 可根據重慶地板漆地面要求做打蠟處理(其效果可防止地面刮傷)

      1, after the construction of the floor lacquer is finished, it needs to be maintained for 7-10 days before it can be put into use. During the curing period, water or other solutions should be avoided to infiltrate the surface 2. When entering the workshop, employees must change into rubber soles (not wearing black shoes with foam bottom), so as to avoid bringing sediment outside into the workshop and scratching the ground. 3, hardware: iron chairs, Iron tables, iron shelves, etc., should be soft plastic, rubber wrapped or padded up with paper to avoid scratching the ground in use 4, tractor pull need to fully lift the board off the ground, turn the corner of the board should not scratch the ground 5, clean the ground with a good soft mop or dry and wet dual-purpose vacuum The machine can be cleaned with clean water or detergent, but please note that the ground is slippery and slippery. If it is worn or scratched because of long service time, small area can be repaired locally. If the area is large, it is recommended to re-roll 7. Before the equipment enters the factory, lay cardboard boxes on the floor to avoid scratching the ground 8 in the process of transportation equipment. The wheels of trolleys and boards should be made of hard or elastic rubber wheels and used separately inside and outside the workshop 9. Waxing treatment can be done according to the requirements of floor paint floor in Chongqing (the effect can prevent floor scratches). 

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